Engineering its way into the heart of the customer...

The emergence of SWISS GLASCOAT EQUIPMENTS LIMITED is a consequence of the exploitation of the Indian consumers by the Multinational Companies for Glass Lined Equipments. GLASCOAT has been incorporated with Quality of Product, Reduction in Lead Time, Plug Free construction and Prompt after sales services as its priority areas. Today, thanks to the support of its customers, GLASCOAT is ahead of the curve in terms of technology, processes and people.

GLASCOAT started its Commercial Operations in March 1992, with technical know-how from The Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute ( CGCRI ), Calcutta. Since then, its journey towards attainment of leadership position in the Indian Glass lining industry through constant effort has been the most interesting one. In the last nineteen years, GLASCOAT has supplied over Eight Thousand Glass Lined Equipments, which are performing to the desired needs of the end users.

Far-sightedness and innovativeness are two great ways to gain a leadership position. Spearheaded by the vision of Mr. Sudarshan Amin, technocrat and founder of GLASCOAT, the Company’s pioneering efforts in establishing and maintaining quality standards and evolving processes have seen the organization establish itself as the One Point Solution Provider for all Glass lining requirements.

GLASCOAT'S major strength is the ability to look into the actual needs of the customers and design the USER FRIENDLY product. This eye for details is a major alluring aspect for the customers to look up to GLASCOAT. Coupled with stringent quality management system ( Certified by LRQA for ISO : 9001 : 2008 ) the products match the desired quality and application based features for the customers. In addition, GLASCOAT is authorized by ASME to manufacture " U " STAMPED pressure vessels and also possesses the " R " STAMPED accreditation. The one factor that sets apart GLASCOAT from others is the practical experience and technical know-how, both of which are people centric attributes.

Our ability to leverage technology efficiently to serve customers’ needs and redefine curve of industry standards have been a hallmark of our organization from the very beginning. GLASCOAT is the pioneer in developing the specific drive assembly for glass lined reactors, with user friendly features and interchangeability. It contributes in breaking a lot of myths associated with the glass lined equipments in India.


GLASCOAT envisages global presence by the year 2020 as leading chemical preocess equipment manufacturing company.


GLASCOAT’S mission is to address the unmet demands of the Chemical Industries in INDIA & abroad and, to provide products of International Standards.

        Director’s Desk

                        GLASCOAT will continue to be a trend setter in India & we will stay at the cutting edge of emerging technologies.